HI.  Suzi Creamcheez here.  As predicted my youtube channel was removed and I was locked out of all my google accounts.  The good news…the alice videos are safe and sound and maybe I can figure out how to host them here myself.  If you are a former subscriber and have somehow found this blog…pass the word.

We live in a world of illusion where nothing is as it appears to be. All of the mainstream news is scripted and acted out to lead the public on endless rabbit chases while the overlords of earth rearrange the game table in a global game of Monopoly.  While second cousins dual for the material prizes and glory, professional actors play our highest officials as well as our worst criminals.  Plots are exchanged between Hollywood and NBC with ease and ISIS is filmed in the Rockefeller plaza.  How does anyone begin to sort it all out?

The fearless team of Alice and Suzi are trying to do just that.  With extensive image files collected over the past 6 years, this duo attempts to track these actors over a period of time through their many reincarnations.  More fascinating than Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes, our own government offers the greatest mysteries of all for our investigation as well as plenty of exercise in unraveling twisted illogical illusions.

This blog was created as a  platform to launch the alice videos.  The videos are meant to amuse and inform.  Music is used in conjunction with the images in an attempt to include foreign speakers.  Look forward to a full on website devoted to this material in the near future.  ABR (actor based reality) is the most exciting area of conspiracy theory happening today.  Cheers!