Princess Diana the Generous

Princess Diana the Generous

Am I the only person that never noticed that Princess Diana wore a wig? I remember women trying to achieve this look with their own hair and copious amounts of asphyxiating aerosols.

diana wig 600 1.jpg

So…by pure chance I noticed the other day that Diana and TV star Ellen Degeneres look an awfully lot alike…or at least they did when they were young.  In fact I actually mistook this photo of Ellen for the Princess.


You can see for yourself that they are very similar.

ellen diana 500

diana ellen 600 2diana ellen 600

It looks to me that at some point the Princess and Ellen broke their nose.  Judging from the photos this would be after she married the Prince.

lady diana 3 ellen 600 2

Since then I believe that Ellen has had some small facial surgeries done to tighten her look as she ages.  Here is a before and after comparison.


Even their childhood photos are similar.

diana ellen child 600

Ellen is now playing a new role:
amy rule ellen 500 match.jpg

Mrs. Rahm Emanuel (Amy Rule)  ….First Lady of Chicago

A short video about this by Alice:


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