John Candy is Donald Trump

John Candy is Donald Trump

I did not come up with this myself.  In fact, like many of you, when it was first suggested to me I laughed and immediately rejected the thought as ridiculous.  But, as with many odd ideas that beg further investigation…the image of Donald Trump as John Candy refused to leave my mind completely.  So, I decided to take a look at it and guess what?  President Donald John Trump is, in reality, dead Canadian comedic actor, John Candy.  I have not one single doubt about this fact.

Donald Trump John Candy

Let’s face it,  the best disguise… if you are going to pretend to be the president of the United States …is to be dead.  John Candy died alone in Mexico in March of 1994 at the age of 43.  He most likely had some type of weight reduction surgery like a lap band.  The funny fat man was gone.  He  was then reborn as the new Donald Trump.  He is certainly an odd looking fellow now.  He would be 66 years old.  Uncle buck is back in a big way.

many donald trumps

The most obvious evidence that Trump is John Candy  is the fact that Trump has the face and body of a man who has been through rapid weight loss.  His neck flesh is too abundant and hangs loosely under his face.  John Candy was obese for a good part of his life and extra fat filled the area under his chin.  Now that the fat is gone this area hangs limply.

Trump holds a campaign rally in Spokane, Washington

We can see that John Candy had quite a large fat neck.



I cannot assure the authenticity of this next image (or any image for that matter) but, it gives us an idea of what Trump’s body might look like under his suit.  Loose flesh from years of obesity would still be visible until surgically reduced.

donald loose skin close up 1

Younger Trump was never an obese man so when did this sudden weight loss happen and leave loose flesh all over his body and especially his neck?


John Candy wasn’t always fat.  He used to look like a young Jeb Bush in fact.  How curious.


John Candy did not always play Donald Trump.  I believe he stepped into the role sometime in the mid to late 90s.  The original Donald Trump was decidedly better looking and resembled James Dean a little bit.

donald-trump-young james dean match 100

The next evidence that President Trump is being played by John Candy can be found at the inauguration.  Who is the blonde woman standing directly behind and to the right of the new president?

inag snap 2.png

The blonde woman doesn’t appear to be anyone we know in Trump’s immediate family.  Why is she standing so close to the president at the official swearing in if she is not part of his immediate family?

inag candy children jennifer .png

I believe it is Jennifer Candy aka Melanie Hutsell of SNL.

melanie hutsell jennifer candy.jpg


And who is the man beside Jennifer?  It looks a lot  like her brother Christopher Candy.

Jennifer and Christopher Candy:

chirstopher and jennifer candy inag.png

It makes sense that they would be with Dad on his big day.

jennifer and christopher candy

And… where is Mrs. Candy?  She would be the dark haired woman trying not to be noticed on the other side of the pretend president I suppose….her stage name is Megan Mullally.  We all know her as the popular socialite drunk, Karen Walker.

candy family at inauguration.png

Here she is in real life without make up.


-rosemary Candy inaug.png
But, that isn’t all:  Remember back in 2006 when Donald Trump sang the Greenacres theme song on an Emmy awards show hosted by Ellen Degenerate?  Don’t feel bad; I didn’t remember it either.  Take a minute to watch that performance…pay particular attention when Donald trump sings “You are my wife!” .

Donald Trump sings the Greenacres theme song here

Does it bring a tear to your eye?


Mr. and Mrs. John Candy aka Donald Trump and Megan Mullally

Rosemary Candy and Megan Mullally

rosemary candy smile 200.png

So what about Mrs. Candy?  What is her part in this charade?  Is she possibly playing Donald Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump, the federal judge?


Yes, it seems that federal judges are also actors now.

I will leave you now with one final  interesting detail of this twisted scenario.  If Rosemary Candy is also Megan Mullaly, and her husband, the dead Canadian comedic actor, is playing the president, who is the beard?  (Megan’s pretend husband)


Nick Offerman….does he look familiar?  He should.

nick offerman leonardo dicapprionick offerman leonardo 100

If you haven’t seen Alice’s video about all of this..make some popcorn now:

If you want to see more identifications from the Inauguration click here:




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