Will the Real David Duke Please Sit Down?

Will the Real David Duke Please Sit Down?

I am not sure when I first became aware of the mythical character that is David Duke but, I think it somehow coincided with my awareness of the evils of Zionism. More and more people are starting to catch onto the use of controlled opposition in the creation of public policy.  This method of controlling public opinion is based on that timeless  principle….the Hegelian dialectic.  The Hegelian dialectic is a concept in philosophy in which the  contradiction between a proposition (thesis) and its antithesis is resolved at a higher level of truth (synthesis).  So what  does all this philosophical mumbo jumbo have to do with  the fake news?

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a German philosopher who analysed European thinking.   Hegelian dialectic thinking is now applied in many situations in world politics.  Often,  ordinary people are used as pawns in the game of Hegelian psychology played by those who control the strings of the world’s political puppet show.   The political “left” and “right” are pitted against each other in order to achieve a goal that suits those in hidden positions of world power. This pitting of one side against another is a form of controlled conflict that those behind the scenes use to create a predetermined history.

Without enemies, useful or profitable conflict can not be achieved and this is where David Duke comes in handy.  He is the perfect fictional enemy.  He is charismatic, smart and good looking.  He makes sense when he speaks and he addresses issues that are of concern to middle America and all America for that matter.  So what if he was the “Grand Wizard” of the most hateful organization in the history of the United States, the KKK.

The iconic Duke and his troupe  of radical followers is a necessary element  in the struggle to keep racial tension at a level where minorities and whites cannot possibly achieve synthesis.  With this tension dialed up on high…the puppeteers open up an opportunity where they alone can provide the synthesis and restore the peace…but, that solution will of course be most advantageous  to them.

David Duke had been in storage through most of the past ten years.   If you will notice, we didn’t hear much out of this ghost since he ran for president in 1992.  He was then pulled out of the closet and dusted off for the Trump campaign.  Each time they decide to put Duke back on the world stage he is played by a different actor.  Of course, we never noticed. While researching this video we found another old friend acting as a rival Grand Wizard for the KKK.  I think you may be surprised to find out who it is.

I realized after publishing the video that David duke is actually played by two different actors at Charlottesville.  I had realized this before but since I did not have a guess for the second actor I did not include the observation.  Now I realize that it is likely that studio takes were done with Charleton Hesten…yes…the dead Charleton Heston and location shots were done with Ron Howard.

This is Hesten playing Duke at Charlottesville.  This was accomplished using one of three possible avenues.  1.  Heston is secretly still alive and filmed it in a studio with green screen.  2.  Heston filmed it in a studio before he died.  3.  Hesten had his face digitally mapped before he died and this is a CGI image on another actors body.
hesten at charlottesville duke match 100hesten at charlottesville 2

Here is Ron Howard playing Duke at Charlottesville.

ron howard 21 david duke matchron howard 1 david duke match.png


Here are a just  few of the many Dukes:



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4 thoughts on “Will the Real David Duke Please Sit Down?

    1. I don’t think I said that he originated it. I said he analysed Marxist thought …..not that he invented it. Which may not make sense either…lol…since Hegel was before Marx……always feel free to correct me however…I was wondering yesterday if you were familiar with the work of Miles Mathis. I think you will really like this guy. He is a sort of Leonardo da Vinci of our times…artist, philosopher, conspiracy theorist and scientist. He has a wonderful website to explore and interesting pieces on the Kennedys as well as Steven Hawking. You will find his conspiracy stuff under the pull down menu titled Updates. http://www.mileswmathis.com/..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. One comprehends the confusion. After all, the works of Hegel are rather dense, phenomenology of spirit etc, etc,, and often misinterpreted. One wonders as well, if you happened to be familiar with the two individuals lacking picture icons who responded rather negatively to a published piece of mine from just the other day. Like you, they utilized ellipsis.


  1. No. I would have no idea who they are. I have not shared your links with anyone and I have nothing negative to say about your writing. I wish I could write as well frankly. People can be very rude. I have had that experience once already on word press. What article did they comment on? I would like to read what was said out of curiosity.


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