The Essential Donald Trump

The Essential Donald Trump

I think it is past time that we all come to terms with the fact that Donald Trump is fiction. He is and always has been a fictional person.  Here is the evidence for why we should doubt the authenticity of the Trump the character.

Donald Trump looks like an actor.  He wears wigs and a considerable amount of make up.  Here someone got way to heavy handed with the white concealer around his eyes.

donald trump make up

Even though we have always been shown a slim and healthy Donald Trump, President Trump shows obvious signs of rapid weight lose.

smiling donald trump.jpg

I believe that the “Donald” used to be a much larger man based on the loose skin under his chin, possibly even an obese man.


In addition, the old Donald Trump does not match the new Donald Trump.  These two images are not the same person in my opinion.  Of course it is possible that he had facial surgery…but still????

The next piece of evidence is Trump’s parents.  Mom and Dad Trump are nothing more than bad photoshop work.  There are very few available photos of mother Mary;  there are no photos with her children when they were young.  In this photo the face has been badly  pasted onto the body.

This image of Mary is particularly strange.

mary turmp

Trumps father, Fred, is another collection of spooky cut and paste images.

Most of Fred’s photos have clearly been altered.  A face has been pasted onto whoever was originally in the photo.  You can see where it does not fit with the ear and side of the head.  A sort of make shift ear is created to make it all good.

Here is another example;  it looks like his head was run over with a D 10 bulldozer.

trump wedding mom and dad fred mary closer funky ear closer

Those are just a few of the things that make the authenticity of Donald Trump very questionable.  In September of 2016 CNN aired a documentary titled, The Essential Donald Trump.  In this documentary they tell the fictional story of the fictional character, Donald Trump.  To do this they had actors play the parts of the Donald’s fictional playmates and business associates.  One of Trump’s former associates tells us that Trump does not actually own any of the buildings that carry his name.   Did anyone hear that?  If he doesn’t actually own the properties, how is he a millionaire?  A surprising number of the actors used for this documentary had recently died.  Here are the links to this four part series by Alice.

The Essential Donald: Part One

The Essential Donald: Part Two

The Essential Donald: Part Three

The Essential Donald: Part Four

Here is the link to the original documentary by CNN

CNN Unfinished Business: The Essential Donald Trump






2 thoughts on “The Essential Donald Trump

  1. Great Research! The constant hoaxing begs the question. ” Why?” .. La Boetie told us in 1560.. It disempowers the people. We cannot act as a body if we don’t have direction. Confuse and conquer. Discourse on Voluntary Servitude:
    – The power of tyrants is based only on the abandonment of people’s power.

    – The tyrant is often a weak man, like any other. Only gullible can idolize.

    – There is oppression of a volunteer.

    – The people are responsible for their tutelage

    – The use of reason will disappear among the people to be deceived and dominated.

    – Tyrants create a power structure very elaborate, consisting of a multi-level hierarchy consisting of a conspiracy of accomplices.

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