Patty Duke and the Astin Family Nazis

Patty Duke and the Astin Family Nazis

Every once in a blue moon a piece of the puzzle falls into place so perfectly and in such a timely fashion that one has to take a moment to wonder about divine intervention. When I began this blog a month ago, I immediately poked around wordpress to see if there were any other conspiracy types lurking about.  I struck up a conversation with a likely comrade and he immediately told me about the involvement of the Astin family in events such as the Gabby Gifford’s shooting and Sandy Hook.  I had never heard this theory before so I tossed it to Alice to see what her opinion was on the matter.  Well, it didn’t take her much time at all to match up the family members with certain prominent players of the brand new alt-right movement and point out that the Astin family actors were like ants at a picnic in the recent Charlottesville psy op.

MAC 3.jpg

So who is the Astin Family?

John Astin, the family patriarch, is an actor who played the part of the dashing and hopelessly romantic “Gomez” on the popular 1960’s sitcom, the Addam’s family.

addams family.jpg

After three children and a failed marriage with his first wife, John Astin married a young actress named Patty Duke.

patty duke john astin

Patty soon gave birth to her first son, Sean Astin.  His paternity was up for debate with the candidates being Desi Arnaz Jr., John Astin or a man named Michael Tell.

sean astin 1.jpg

Patty and John had a second son named Mackensie Astin, also an actor.  He is on the left.

mackenzie astin sean astin.jpg

Here is Mackenzie playing a White Nationalist at Charlottesville

yelling boy mac astin

After divorcing John Astin, Patty Duke married another actor named Michael Pearce. Patty and Michael adopted a son soon after.  His name is Kevin Pearce.  Now, he is on the left in the photo.  Sean is on the right.

kevin pearce 3.jpg

Here is Kevin playing a white Nationalist at Charlottesville.

You may remember Sean Astin as Samwise from the Hobbit.   Sean’s oldest daughter was also in the Hobbit.

Meet Alexandra Astin….

She is all grown up now and has decided upon an acting career to follow in the family business.  She is really quite good.  Watch her do 31 accents in less than two and a half minutes:

Ali Astin: Actress

ali astin.jpg

Ali was honored by being chosen as the 91st Apple blossom Queen of Winchester Virginia.  She attended this rather pompous coronation ceremony a few years ago where her dad crowned her and she knighted her step grandfather, John Astin.

Recently, she has decided to play a ridiculously flamboyant conservative femme fatale for the White Nationalist movement.   She calls herself Lauren Southern…but, it is obviously Sean Astin’s daughter….Alexandra.  She should be around 21 years old now.  Apparently nothing scares Ali more than the possibility of sharia law coming to America.  She spends an inordinate amount of time worrying about it.Lauren_Southern_With_Rifle alex astin

Alice has spotted Alexandra’s dad, Sean Astin, and his two brothers all acting as white nationalist organizers in Charlottesville and other places.  Who would have thought that Patty Duke’s children and grandchild would all turn out to be Nazis?  SamWise is a Nazi?  What is the world coming to?

vice guy 1 jason kessler sean astin.png

You will have to watch the video to get the rest of the story.

New Video:  Part two of NAZIs in Wa-Hooville by Alice.

Patty Duke and the Astin Family Nazis



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