9 11:  The Crime of the Century

9 11: The Crime of the Century

Just call me a day late and a dollar short.  As the creator of a conspiracy blog it was my duty to blog about what was undeniably one of the biggest hoaxes ever in our nation’s history…9 11.  It has been some time now that I simply quit arguing about 9 11.  In my mind, if you cannot see the truth of that situation maybe you should not be in the gene pool anymore.


However, in honor of …er… yesterday (since it is now 9 12) I will just toss a few interesting things on here about 9 11 actors and fake deaths.  9 11 was the largest fake death event since the Holohoax.  It has been shown by many researchers that the towers were mostly empty on that auspicious day and although there may have been a few incidental deaths…for the most part,  the victims are fake.
twin towers at dusk copy

Yes, the victims are fake.  They are what we now call “vicsims” or computer simulated victims.  Don’t believe me?  Then look at all the other excellent research on this subject.    Let’s take a look at the very first victims (alphabetically that is) the Abate brothers, Andrew and Vincent.



They certainly look familiar don’t they?  I love the name…what exactly does the word “abate” mean.

a·bate  …   verb  …   to lessen, reduce, or remove (especially a nuisance).  

Oh look, they even have a street named after them!

andrew and vincent abate

The “Abate Brothers” are no doubt a photoshopped, messed up version of the Greenberg brothers….Tony and Leon.  That is how most of the victims were created.  They are fictional victims made from old family photos of the tribe.



But, the photoshop clones or vicsims do not stop with one cloning.  Although most truthers are focused on the money being collected through Gofundme or other charitable avenues…the real money was made on the life insurance policies.  One vicsim could have any number of life insurance policies purchased in preparation for the fake death.  These policies will insure a lifetime of steady income to the vicsims and their families.  It is obviously much more profitable to be more than one vicsim.  This is the reason for “vicsim cloning”.  How many vicsims do you think Leon Greenberg may have been?

Leon …..




Here are some Leon possibilities from the 9 11 victims:  (Leon likes to use silly names.)



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How many clones did Leon have that died in 9 11?  I have no idea; it would be impossible to say for sure…..maybe up to 50!  If each clone had a million dollar life insurance policy that would be 50 million dollars.  $$$$$$$$$  As you remember, a rule was relaxed to allow victim’s families to apply for death certificates without proof of social security numbers.  It also probably helped to have family patriarch Maurice “Hank” Greenberg as CEO of the largest insurance company in America at that time…AIG.
Maurice Greenberg 2

It wasn’t long after that AIG crashed, Greenberg was fired, and left his office with 160 boxes of documents.  Coincidentally, (wink) Greenberg’s son, Jeffery, was CEO of Lehman brothers at the time.  Lehman Brothers offices took a direct hit at the Twin Towers on 9 11 destroying all the documents necessary for his subpoena.


And what about the case of the mysterious Alexander Napier.  His photo was up just briefly on the memorial but quickly taken down when people thought he looked familiar.


He looks just like our good buddy Alex Jones.

Alexander Emerick Jones

Did Alex have a vicsim or two at 9 11?


Many strongly suspect that it isn’t the first time that Alex died.


Ed Chiarini has identified him as the former Bill Hicks and I believe this is correct.  Both men have an unusual obsession with David Koresh and Waco.

bill and alex

I would like to share just one other interesting anecdote about a victim at 9 11.  This would be Barbara Olson, conservative news commentator that supposedly died on Flight 77.  She had been married to Ted Olson, a Bush Administration lawyer who later held a white house position because of his great courtroom skills.


It just so happens that I was listening to a broadcast of Ms. Olson’s a few days before 9 11.  An older woman called in and before the censors could stop her she cursed Barbara and told her that she would burn in hell for what she had done to Hillary Clinton.  A few days later Barbara did burn up in hell…in Flight 77 when it hit the Pentagon.  Barbara was the one that made the famous phone call to her husband.  Here is the offical wiki version of that fateful call:
Between 09:16 and 09:26, passenger Barbara Olson called her husband, United States Solicitor General Theodore Olson, and reported that the airplane had been hijacked and that the assailants had box cutters and knives. She reported that the passengers, including the pilots, had been moved to the back of the cabin and that the hijackers were unaware of her call. A minute into the conversation, the call was cut off. Theodore Olson contacted the command center at the Department of Justice, and tried unsuccessfully to contact Attorney General John Ashcroft. About five minutes later, Barbara Olson called again, told her husband that the “pilot” (possibly Hanjour on the cabin intercom) had announced the flight was hijacked, and asked, “What do I tell the pilot to do?” Ted Olson asked her location and she reported the plane was flying low over a residential area. He told her of the attacks on the World Trade Center. Soon afterward, the call cut off again.

Ted quickly got over her death and remarried a woman who not so surprisingly looks like Barbara with a facelift.  Her name is Lady Booth.  What kind of name is Lady Booth?



Old Ted must have something going on to get these babes!

barbara olsen lady booth

And so the story goes…………



8 thoughts on “9 11: The Crime of the Century

  1. Awesome article, Suzi …. just one minor point, tho’
    Barbara Olson, could not possible have died on Flight 77.
    Lt Jason Ingersoll photographed the entire facade of the Pentagon<
    beginning 7 minutes after the ground floor rooms mysteriously caught fire….
    The only opening was a broken window pane in the janitor's bathroom.
    Absolute zero room for an airliner to sneak past….
    Anyway, Gerald Holmgren proved in 2004 that Flight 77
    out of Dulles was actually CANCELED for the morning
    of 9/11/2001 …. the BTS website said so (even tho
    the webbie had to resort to devious low cunning to
    try (and fail) to cover up the fact that she was s'posed
    to remove the cancellation)
    Barb' story was just that: another perpeTRAITOR lie.
    Love your article 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the information and for taking the time to read my blog.. Of course Barbara’s story is fictional..but mine was real..lol. There was a rumor floating around that she was detained while crossing a foreign border somewhere…I don’t think it could ever be substantiated.


      1. <>
        Your factional true tale is nowhere more real than the part about how Tony and Leon
        take entire chapter’s out of Maurice’s Life-Insurance Bible….
        At last we understand the real reason why they hide all their
        crisis action in plain sight of the The Family 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank You, so refreshing to see and read. Love your videos – so well produced. Trumpzilla is mesmerizing, I just keep watching it. One of the best mini- movies ever! These Greenberg vermin are like chameleons.

    Liked by 1 person

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