In any large public  psy op it is necessary to employ professional directors.   At the Boston Bombing we were graced with the presence of Steven Spielberg.
91 Steven Spielberg copy

Of course this was explained away as a Spielberg doppelganger named Dr. Levine…but..come on…it is more likely that Dr. Levine was one of Spielberg’s doubles.

If you were paying attention you saw Ed Harris both directing and starring in the Oregon Standoff Hoax.  He played the part of Utah rancher and martyr, LaVoy Finicum.


Ed Chiarini wants credit for that match so hell..let’s give it to him…go Ed!

finicum (2) well aware

So, how do we know for sure that Finicum was an actor?  First of all…why would a Mormon rancher wear eyeliner?  The smudgy kind?

Robert “Lavoy” Finicum 1 eyeliner

Second, our friend Lisa found this scar:

ed harris finicum scar 100

LaVoy Finicum  …  martyred patriot                                           Ed Harris … actor

ed harris finicum 2

It isn’t  hard to spot the director at the Charlottesville protest.  He is the guy who looks like he is directing.

Alice has identified him as actor/director, Jeff Bridges.

Jeff Bridges is the son of Russian Jewish Immigrants so it would make sense that he is posing as a white supremacist, anti immigration, neo-nazi.   Right?!

charlottesville jeff bridges director 2

Our friend Alice has taken on the daunting task of identifying some of the actors at Charlottesville.   Alice is still lost in the twisted passages of this hoax and we anxiously await word on her progress.  Charlottesville has turned out to be an extremely deep rabbit hole with many secrets to expose so she has sent word that it will probably have to be a four or five part video.

So with no further ado….please allow me to introduce you to Jamie Sue Eagle.

jamie sue eagle car crash 5

Charlottesville videos:

Part 1:  Susan Bro and her many incarnations.

Part 2:  The Astin Family Nazis (featuring…well…the Astin Family)

Part 3:  Christopher Cantwell and the Radical Agenda (featuring the Quaid brothers)

Part 4:  Will the real David Duke please Stand Up?


2 thoughts on “Charlottesville

    1. Well she blew the Oregon Standoff apart but youtube took it down. I think you are going to be very surprised at who she has found in Charlottesville. Part two is under construction now. Thanks for following the action with us.


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