In Hollywood Death Is a Game

In Hollywood Death Is a Game

Many people are not aware of the “dying game” in Hollywood.  Maybe you have heard of the 27 club or maybe you have read conspiracy theories about the deaths of people like Natalie Wood or Marilyn Monroe but, the simple fact of the matter is that many Hollywood deaths are faked.  Some actors have died numerous times only to recreate themselves as someone new after each death.  Why would someone do this?  Money.  Think about it logically;  if one character is worth X amount of money…then two characters are worth 2X amount of money and 5 characters are worth 5X amount of money.   Fame can be a money maker whether you are dead or alive.  The Hollywood death game is part ritual, part prestige and mostly money.  Here are some little known photos of James Dean taken only weeks before his “accident”.



I have spent some time wondering if he may have been the one to play young Donald Trump.  But. unfortunately, I see no practical way to prove this theory.

donald-trump-young james dean match 100

At any rate, whoever played Donald Trump in the early days has long been switched out for the current comedic actor.

donald-trump smile.jpg

Other actors followed in Dean’s footseps and faked their deaths in  fiery car crashes; the most notable being Paul Walker.

walker in porche.jpg

car 1.jpg

Did Paul Walker really die or not?

walker eyes.jpg

Probably not.  I don’t know if Paul has taken on a permanent new character  but, he occasionally pops up in various psy ops around the world.  I believe this might be him in a directional role at the Chicago Trump Rally.

Snapshot 4 paul walker

What many people don’t know is that Paul Walker played the role of Chris Kyle in the American Sniper Hoax.  No, I’m not talking about the movie…I’m talking about the actual American Sniper…Navy Seal guy.

kyle craft.jpg

Yup!  Paul Walker faked his death twice in one year…there must be a special prize for that.  First, he faked his death as Chris Kyle and then he faked his death as Paul Walker.  Sometimes you can catch these guys bragging about their death faking deeds on the web.  This is one of those times.

paul walker 1

So how can I be so sure that Paul Walker was the one that played the fictional sniper character, Chris Kyle?  Well for starters, Paul Walker’s girlfriend, Jasmine, played the part of the American Sniper’s  long suffering wife, Taya Kyle.  That would be Jazzy on the left and Taya on the right.  (I just pasted them on the bench together for fun.)

sisters taya and jasmine.jpg

Taya Kyle and Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell

taya and jasmine 8

Taya and Jazzy

taya and jasmine 6.jpg

taya and jasmine 3.jpg

Anyway, you get the idea….but that isn’t the only coinquidink in this Hoaxathon!  Paul Walker’s own family acted as the witnesses at the trial for Chris Kyle’s killer, Eddie Routh!

Eddie-Ray-Routh-trial 1

That is Eddie with his lawyer, Leon Greenberg.  Check this out! Here is Paul Walker’s mother on the stand in the Eddie Routh trial under an assumed name.


Here is Paul’s dad pretending to be a witness.  It’s wild!

trial 2.1

And here is Cody Walker on the stand in a pretty good disguise.

trial 3.1.png

Hey is that Kathy Bates in the courtroom?
Taya Kyle winks at trial

We have been led to believe that these psy ops are somehow acted out by anonymous “crisis actors” or unknown people.  Well, hold on to your hat!  For those of you who still don’t think that your favorite actors and Hollywood heros could be involved in these shenanigans…take a look at Kevin Bacon playing the American Sniper’s dad….lol.

chris kyles father

kevin bacon as Kyles dad

So there you have it…The All American Sniper exposed….for the complete story of this hoax click here:  American Sniper Hoaxathon Explained

chris-kyle-chris kyle paul walker.png

In Hollywood, he who dies the most times wins!





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    1. I’m sorry. Most people do feel angry or a bit depressed when they tune into what I am showing them. It will pass. There is really nothing to be done so we might as well enjoy the show. They certainly go through a lot of effort to make it a good one…lol. And now you have the comix and that will make it more fun. Thanks for visiting the blog.


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