I want my MTV

I want my MTV

The grieving mother of a Charlottesville victim, Susan Bro, made a once in a life time appearance on the MTV music awards last Sunday night to plug the new Heather Heyer foundation created immediately in the wake of her daughter’s death.  It was only 15 days after her beloved daughter died but, she was eloquent and articulate in asking for money.  It is a shame that MTV staff could not have done a better job with her hair and wardrobe for such a big event.  Bro seems completely unfazed after being outed by Scott Baio to over 200,000 people on twitter as the very same actor that played Vicki Soto’s mother at Sandy Hook.

tweet baio scott

Susan Bro’s audacious appearance on MTV after being outed as a fraud was flawless. Proving once again that….the show must go on!
Susan Bro on MTV

bro mtv 9

Donna Soto

I am impressed with Mr. Baio  (Chachi of Happy Days fame) and his lovely wife, Renee, who added her own comic twist to this scenario;  “…maybe your children are in a better place now”, tweeted Renee Baio to Sandy Hoaxer mom, Nelba Marquez-Greene.  What a great comeback, Renee!  Kudos to both of them for looking the truth in the face and having the ‘cajones’ to speak out.  For those of you that thought it was a set up…forget it…the meme was mine.  What a lovely couple!  Much love to the Baios!  May they live long and prosper and procreate.

Baio must not be a “Hollywood Insider” or he would know that his beloved President, Donald Trump, is just as fake as Susan Bro.  But, I am still proud of him.  So, let’s move along and take another look at Ms. Susan Bro.  Our friend Alice thinks she has seen this woman in a few other psy ops as well as Sandy Hook.  Here are several possibilites.

sister act at roseburg boston cjubby fat eagle greenberg

What do you think?  I think the upper right photo looks very likely…don’t you?  That is supposed to be Angela Galvin, the aunt of Chris Mintz….the hero of Roseburg.

chris mintz's aunt 2.png

You remember Chris Mintz right?  The hero from the UCC Roseburg, Oregon shooting?  I have never been sure why he was a hero were you?  He got shot between 2 and 10 times depending on what news you listened to…lol.

See Chris Mintz the Roseburg Hero here:  Chris Mintz exposed

It looks like it could definitely be the same woman with different hair and makeup.

You can hear Angela here:  Angela Galvin: Roseburg Hero’s aunt

chris mintz's aunt 2 susan bro 2

She is also most likely the same actor that played Mildred Valverde at Boston.

Mildred valverde 2

Then she was seen in an Ohio shooting as a bystander looking rough with a bulbous nose and ridiculous tattoos.

towns person pikton

If you focus on the shape of the mouth  and brows you can see that it is the exact same actress with five different looks.  Noses are easily changed in Hollywood with saline injections.  Saline is quickly absorbed back into the body tissues so in a few hours the face will return to normal.

susan bro times 5

As you can see she is a regular in these government hoaxes.  Charlottesville, Sandy Hook, Boston, Ohio, Roseburg and probably many more.

Who could she be?  Stay tuned and Alice will tell all!



12 thoughts on “I want my MTV

    1. Very good work. Thank you for making it. As you can see she is also in more events. I am working on a video about her now. I’m pretty sure I know who she is…I’ve been following her for years. She is MIldred Valverde at Boston. She is Aunt Angela at Roseburg. I hope to have a video done soon but Charlottesville is turning out to be a huge rabbit hole with a lot of actors…What a party! I may end up doing three parts….ugh!

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  1. Hello Suzi, Just wanted to follow up on your comment. I did a couple of picture overlays with Aunt Angela from the CNN interview and Susan Bro pictures I used for matching moms and was NOT able to get a match. They were not matching but I will try Aunt Angela with Donna Soto and see what comes of it. That’s it for now and will up date you as I find out more. yogi

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