Buckle your seat belts….we are going viral.

susan bro soto 1000

Sandy Hook was fake.  Any questions?

1 Sandy Hoax- A Very Green Story copy

Vicki’s Family:

7 Soto Family copy

Yes it does appear to be the same actress playing Susan Bro from Charlottesville as played the grieving mother of Victoria Soto at Sandy Hook.

susan bro match teeth
There is so much hanky panky in news imagery these days that we really never know what is real and what is not real without taking the time to extensively research it.  Let’s face it.  Most people don’t have that kind of time.

52 Photo Magic copy.jpg

And what was up with those nuns?

21 Nuns at Sandy Hook copy

Green seems to be the key to the Sandy Hook mystery.  Did you know that the school mascot was the Jolly Green Giant?

Not far from Sandy Hook is Morefar Golf course.  The front gate of the golf course is in New York and the back gate is in Connecticut.  It’s kind of a strange private golf course adorned with various curious sculptures and now owned by Maurice Greenberg who lives just down the street.    All of this is about 20 minutes from Sandy Hook.


Maurice Greenberg…known as “Hank” is in the insurance business.  He was the CEO of the largest insurance company in the United States during the 9 11 terror attack, AIG.    After 9 11 and the subsequent crash of AIG Hank was fired.  I am sure the founder of the company and Hank’s life long mentor, Cornelius Vander Starr, was rolling over in his grave; which just happens to be near the back gate of Morefar.  So they say.

Hank Greenberg:

Maurice Greenberg 2

Hank has two sons with his wife, Corrine Zuckerman.
(Get it…Greenberg + Zuckerman = ?)

Hank’s sons are Jeffery and Evan.  Evan is the Chairman of Coca Cola and the CEO of a huge insurance company based in Germany.  Jeffery was the CEO of Lehman brothers.  His office took a direct hit on 9 11.


(Answer:  Zuckerberg)

Another Greenberg of interest is Michael Greenberg who is married to Vicki Wohl.  Here he is with his daughter-in-law…..Anne Greenberg.  They do love the color green.

Anne Levitman Greenberg and Michael Greenberg

Here is Michael directing the shoot for the Danbury Walmart Gun protest just after Sandy Hook.

Michael greenberg danbury 1 copy

And of course he seems to have known hero teacher Vicki Soto as well.

michael and vicki copy.jpg

And here is Michael’s son Leon, acting as an officer at Sandy Hook.

And here is Leon’s oldest son, Brett Greenberg, acting as Carlos Soto…brother to hero teacher Victoria Soto.

carlos brett copy

And here is Brett all grown up now acting as the Roseburg Hero, Chris Mintz….but that is a story for another day…. or just watch this…Vid.me has removed this video.

Brett Greenberg Chris Mintz UCC 2015 roseburg

And here is Leon’s brother, Tony, acting as a female french teacher victim at the Virginia Tech shooting…but we will save that story too.  Especially since it just cost me a youtube channel….lol.

tony greenberg virginia tech

And here is Tony’s wife Anne acting as the mother of a victim.

18 Krista Rekos copy

It is widely accepted in the truther community that this pair played the parts of Omar bin Laden (son of Osama bin Laden) and his wife, Jane, as was uncovered by Mr. Ed Chiarni.

48 Omar bin Laden and Jane copy

And last but not least…here is Leon and Tony’s sister…..Jennifer Greenberg Sexton….the key to this puzzle….bless her heart.

tony leon and jennifer

Woops!  Everyone noticed!


Vid. me has removed the video….sigh



Even the mortician was named Green!

Hearse copy

green ribbons and money

But in the end……once you get past all of the deception.

39 No children died at Sandy Hook copy






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