Victoria Prince Gets Trumped

Victoria Prince Gets Trumped

Getting back to the Trump family….let’s take a look at another curious member,

Lara Yusanka Trump, new wife of Donald’s son, Eric Trump.

eric-trump-wedding (1)

We were told that she broke both wrists in a riding accident just before her wedding day.  Her arms were actually both in casts at her wedding.  What bad luck!

So let’s ask Alice who she might be:

eric-trump-wedding victoria prince 300

Victoria Prince? The volleyball player? Does Alice just randomly come up with this stuff?  Does she have some kind of magic match maker machine?

lara trump vidtoria prince

No, not at all.  It’s a simple matter of logic.  Victoria Prince married Kevin Federline.  Yes the same Kevin Federline that fathered Sean Preston Spears….aka…Baron Trump.


Sean Preston Spears/Federline  and Baron Trump

barron trump brittney oldest 2 flipped

In fact, Victoria is Kevin’s third baby mama and each of his 6 kids are actors.


So who is Victoria Prince and how did she ever get mixed up with Kevin Federline and transform herself into the fictional Lara Trump?

victoria volley

She was a tall, beautiful volleyball player from Kenniwick. Washington.  She played 108 games as a college student at University of Hawaii.

victoria facts 2

Victoria met Kevin on a bowling team in Hawaii and they have been together ever since.  She has had two children with Federline making 6 for him.


K Fed, as he was called in his hip hop days, is basically the professional manager of his acting children.


Sometimes K Fed does a little acting himself…he likes to play Mideastern women or so it appears.

camp wo men 6 close up 300 federline.png

So do you think Victoria Prince could be playing Lara Trump?

Watch the video here:  Lara Yusanka Trump aka Victoria Prince


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