The Creation of a Character:  Chris Cantwell and the Radical Agenda

The Creation of a Character: Chris Cantwell and the Radical Agenda

The magic of Hollywood is exactly that, MAGIC!  It is illusion and slight of hand at it’s most extreme. Creating public figures out of thin air is no different than pulling a rabbit from a hat.   One of the most common tricks used by these particular acting troops is the ancient art of making a few look like many.  This can be done with produce or livestock or even human beings.   Have you ever seen a circus act with a clown car? The car is stopped over a hidden door in the floor and one by one the clowns continue to emerge.  They then circle around behind a curtain, down under the stage and come out of the car again in a continuous line.  In this way it appears that hundreds of clowns have come out of the tiny car.  We saw this same act at the fire station near Sandy Hook where parents went in one door and circled the building only to enter another door  in a continuous never ending parade of feigned parental misery.

You can watch the Sandy Hook clown car act here:  Sandy Hook Do-Si-Do

To create a life-like character, other characters must be created to validate the principle character’s reality.  Charlottesville was used to introduce several new characters to the stage.  Although we are fed the idea that these characters have been around for years, that is simply not the case.  Histories are easily fabricated and repeated by trusted news people until we believe that these people have always been on the news with or without our awareness.  Such is the case with Christopher Cantwell.

cantwell radio host.jpg

Cantwell is an internet personality with a call in show.  As an internet personality, Cantwell appears to have been around for years.   But….have you heard of him before Charlottesville?  Have you heard of him at all?  Probably not.  But the media is hyping him and following his case now that he is in jail.  We are suddenly privy to his rantings by phone and we are gradually being introduced to people who “know” him.  In this way Chris Cantwell becomes real without our ever really seeing him up close and personal. He is featured in one documentary by a questionable HBO news operation called VICE.  However, in spite of the lack of credibility for this character, every single one of the mainstream media outlets has picked up the story of his incarceration.

chris cantwell mugshot.jpg

It seems that this hard core white supremacist nut job will need Jewish lawyers to get him out of jail.  But, that is only one of the underlying agendas to this story line.  Friend, follower and fan, Dave, from New York, who calls his youtube channel “Picking Woke”, is attempting to communicate with Cantwell in jail via the US mail.  He is actually giving out a usable address now for Chris Cantwell in jail.  He includes the information that the envelope must have a return address to be accepted by the facility in Charlottesville where Chris is currently being held.  Now wait a minute!  Just how dumb would a gun toting white supremacist have to be to put his address on an envelope and send it to Chris Cantwell?  You can see Dave here.

dave 2.png

Another character created to support the authenticity of Cantwell is Michael Cernovich. Wiki describes Michael as “an American alt-right social media personality, writer, and conspiracy theorist. ”  Michael also informs us that he is a California lawyer.  He is brought in to the script to confuse the issue even further by claiming that Cantwell is a “deep state” operative.  One has to stop and wonder why Cernovich even has a wiki…but, I think we know why.  How else would we know who he is since no one has actually ever heard of him before.  Cernovich’s character makes it clear that Cantwell will need help from his arch enemy…the Jews…to get out of his predicament.

mike cernovich close up.jpg

It is our theory that all three characters are actually played by the same actor.  In this way, one becomes many.  It’s magic!  Voodoo magic!  See if you can guess who it is.

New video: Chris Cantwell and the Radical Agenda


London Mid September Bomb Hoax 2017

London Mid September Bomb Hoax 2017

I was not surprised to see an old friend…er..recycled “crisis actor” show up as the center of attention in the recent London Bomb Hoax.  The beautiful and talented Nora Kirkpatrick (that may or may not be her real name).


And she may or may not be a natural ginger.  Only her hairdresser knows for sure.


Nora acted as “Esther Bruegger” in the 9th season of the  TV sitcom, The Office.
nora kirkpatrick the office

Aside from acting in government psy ops, Nora plays the accordion and can be seen performing with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Nora-Kirkpatrick (1)

She is featured in the Mumford documentary, The Big Easy Express.  It just so happens that this is the group that was at the core of the Bataclan Hoax in Paris.  Nora Played the part of the grieving Polina Zherebtsova wearing a giant fake nose that she was constantly touching to make sure it was still attached.


polina buckley paris nora kirkpatrick

You can watch Nora act as Polina here.  It is obvious that her accent is American.

Polina: Bataclan Survivor

Here you can see that Polina and Nora have very similar ears although the lobes may have been altered to hide her identity.  Ears have become a very poor insturment of identification.  Nearly all government actors disguise their ears in some way.

I’m not sure what is more unbelievable in this newest Euro-hoax.  Is it the homemade bomb in a bucket that did not seem to hurt the bucket at all?

bucket bomb

Or is it Nora’s acting as an injured survivor?


At any rate…maybe a little more attention to make up and costume next time Nora.

We can see you!

nora kirkpatrick polina london meme.jpg

Patty Duke and the Astin Family Nazis

Patty Duke and the Astin Family Nazis

Every once in a blue moon a piece of the puzzle falls into place so perfectly and in such a timely fashion that one has to take a moment to wonder about divine intervention. When I began this blog a month ago, I immediately poked around wordpress to see if there were any other conspiracy types lurking about.  I struck up a conversation with a likely comrade and he immediately told me about the involvement of the Astin family in events such as the Gabby Gifford’s shooting and Sandy Hook.  I had never heard this theory before so I tossed it to Alice to see what her opinion was on the matter.  Well, it didn’t take her much time at all to match up the family members with certain prominent players of the brand new alt-right movement and point out that the Astin family actors were like ants at a picnic in the recent Charlottesville psy op.

MAC 3.jpg

So who is the Astin Family?

John Astin, the family patriarch, is an actor who played the part of the dashing and hopelessly romantic “Gomez” on the popular 1960’s sitcom, the Addam’s family.

addams family.jpg

After three children and a failed marriage with his first wife, John Astin married a young actress named Patty Duke.

patty duke john astin

Patty soon gave birth to her first son, Sean Astin.  His paternity was up for debate with the candidates being Desi Arnaz Jr., John Astin or a man named Michael Tell.

sean astin 1.jpg

Patty and John had a second son named Mackensie Astin, also an actor.  He is on the left.

mackenzie astin sean astin.jpg

Here is Mackenzie playing a White Nationalist at Charlottesville

yelling boy mac astin

After divorcing John Astin, Patty Duke married another actor named Michael Pearce. Patty and Michael adopted a son soon after.  His name is Kevin Pearce.  Now, he is on the left in the photo.  Sean is on the right.

kevin pearce 3.jpg

Here is Kevin playing a white Nationalist at Charlottesville.

You may remember Sean Astin as Samwise from the Hobbit.   Sean’s oldest daughter was also in the Hobbit.

Meet Alexandra Astin….

She is all grown up now and has decided upon an acting career to follow in the family business.  She is really quite good.  Watch her do 31 accents in less than two and a half minutes:

Ali Astin: Actress

ali astin.jpg

Ali was honored by being chosen as the 91st Apple blossom Queen of Winchester Virginia.  She attended this rather pompous coronation ceremony a few years ago where her dad crowned her and she knighted her step grandfather, John Astin.

Recently, she has decided to play a ridiculously flamboyant conservative femme fatale for the White Nationalist movement.   She calls herself Lauren Southern…but, it is obviously Sean Astin’s daughter….Alexandra.  She should be around 21 years old now.  Apparently nothing scares Ali more than the possibility of sharia law coming to America.  She spends an inordinate amount of time worrying about it.Lauren_Southern_With_Rifle alex astin

Alice has spotted Alexandra’s dad, Sean Astin, and his two brothers all acting as white nationalist organizers in Charlottesville and other places.  Who would have thought that Patty Duke’s children and grandchild would all turn out to be Nazis?  SamWise is a Nazi?  What is the world coming to?

vice guy 1 jason kessler sean astin.png

You will have to watch the video to get the rest of the story.

New Video:  Part two of NAZIs in Wa-Hooville by Alice.

Patty Duke and the Astin Family Nazis


9 11:  The Crime of the Century

9 11: The Crime of the Century

Just call me a day late and a dollar short.  As the creator of a conspiracy blog it was my duty to blog about what was undeniably one of the biggest hoaxes ever in our nation’s history…9 11.  It has been some time now that I simply quit arguing about 9 11.  In my mind, if you cannot see the truth of that situation maybe you should not be in the gene pool anymore.


However, in honor of …er… yesterday (since it is now 9 12) I will just toss a few interesting things on here about 9 11 actors and fake deaths.  9 11 was the largest fake death event since the Holohoax.  It has been shown by many researchers that the towers were mostly empty on that auspicious day and although there may have been a few incidental deaths…for the most part,  the victims are fake.
twin towers at dusk copy

Yes, the victims are fake.  They are what we now call “vicsims” or computer simulated victims.  Don’t believe me?  Then look at all the other excellent research on this subject.    Let’s take a look at the very first victims (alphabetically that is) the Abate brothers, Andrew and Vincent.



They certainly look familiar don’t they?  I love the name…what exactly does the word “abate” mean.

a·bate  …   verb  …   to lessen, reduce, or remove (especially a nuisance).  

Oh look, they even have a street named after them!

andrew and vincent abate

The “Abate Brothers” are no doubt a photoshopped, messed up version of the Greenberg brothers….Tony and Leon.  That is how most of the victims were created.  They are fictional victims made from old family photos of the tribe.



But, the photoshop clones or vicsims do not stop with one cloning.  Although most truthers are focused on the money being collected through Gofundme or other charitable avenues…the real money was made on the life insurance policies.  One vicsim could have any number of life insurance policies purchased in preparation for the fake death.  These policies will insure a lifetime of steady income to the vicsims and their families.  It is obviously much more profitable to be more than one vicsim.  This is the reason for “vicsim cloning”.  How many vicsims do you think Leon Greenberg may have been?

Leon …..




Here are some Leon possibilities from the 9 11 victims:  (Leon likes to use silly names.)



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How many clones did Leon have that died in 9 11?  I have no idea; it would be impossible to say for sure…..maybe up to 50!  If each clone had a million dollar life insurance policy that would be 50 million dollars.  $$$$$$$$$  As you remember, a rule was relaxed to allow victim’s families to apply for death certificates without proof of social security numbers.  It also probably helped to have family patriarch Maurice “Hank” Greenberg as CEO of the largest insurance company in America at that time…AIG.
Maurice Greenberg 2

It wasn’t long after that AIG crashed, Greenberg was fired, and left his office with 160 boxes of documents.  Coincidentally, (wink) Greenberg’s son, Jeffery, was CEO of Lehman brothers at the time.  Lehman Brothers offices took a direct hit at the Twin Towers on 9 11 destroying all the documents necessary for his subpoena.


And what about the case of the mysterious Alexander Napier.  His photo was up just briefly on the memorial but quickly taken down when people thought he looked familiar.


He looks just like our good buddy Alex Jones.

Alexander Emerick Jones

Did Alex have a vicsim or two at 9 11?


Many strongly suspect that it isn’t the first time that Alex died.


Ed Chiarini has identified him as the former Bill Hicks and I believe this is correct.  Both men have an unusual obsession with David Koresh and Waco.

bill and alex

I would like to share just one other interesting anecdote about a victim at 9 11.  This would be Barbara Olson, conservative news commentator that supposedly died on Flight 77.  She had been married to Ted Olson, a Bush Administration lawyer who later held a white house position because of his great courtroom skills.


It just so happens that I was listening to a broadcast of Ms. Olson’s a few days before 9 11.  An older woman called in and before the censors could stop her she cursed Barbara and told her that she would burn in hell for what she had done to Hillary Clinton.  A few days later Barbara did burn up in hell…in Flight 77 when it hit the Pentagon.  Barbara was the one that made the famous phone call to her husband.  Here is the offical wiki version of that fateful call:
Between 09:16 and 09:26, passenger Barbara Olson called her husband, United States Solicitor General Theodore Olson, and reported that the airplane had been hijacked and that the assailants had box cutters and knives. She reported that the passengers, including the pilots, had been moved to the back of the cabin and that the hijackers were unaware of her call. A minute into the conversation, the call was cut off. Theodore Olson contacted the command center at the Department of Justice, and tried unsuccessfully to contact Attorney General John Ashcroft. About five minutes later, Barbara Olson called again, told her husband that the “pilot” (possibly Hanjour on the cabin intercom) had announced the flight was hijacked, and asked, “What do I tell the pilot to do?” Ted Olson asked her location and she reported the plane was flying low over a residential area. He told her of the attacks on the World Trade Center. Soon afterward, the call cut off again.

Ted quickly got over her death and remarried a woman who not so surprisingly looks like Barbara with a facelift.  Her name is Lady Booth.  What kind of name is Lady Booth?



Old Ted must have something going on to get these babes!

barbara olsen lady booth

And so the story goes…………




In any large public  psy op it is necessary to employ professional directors.   At the Boston Bombing we were graced with the presence of Steven Spielberg.
91 Steven Spielberg copy

Of course this was explained away as a Spielberg doppelganger named Dr. Levine…but..come on…it is more likely that Dr. Levine was one of Spielberg’s doubles.

If you were paying attention you saw Ed Harris both directing and starring in the Oregon Standoff Hoax.  He played the part of Utah rancher and martyr, LaVoy Finicum.


Ed Chiarini wants credit for that match so hell..let’s give it to him…go Ed!

finicum (2) well aware

So, how do we know for sure that Finicum was an actor?  First of all…why would a Mormon rancher wear eyeliner?  The smudgy kind?

Robert “Lavoy” Finicum 1 eyeliner

Second, our friend Lisa found this scar:

ed harris finicum scar 100

LaVoy Finicum  …  martyred patriot                                           Ed Harris … actor

ed harris finicum 2

It isn’t  hard to spot the director at the Charlottesville protest.  He is the guy who looks like he is directing.

Alice has identified him as actor/director, Jeff Bridges.

Jeff Bridges is the son of Russian Jewish Immigrants so it would make sense that he is posing as a white supremacist, anti immigration, neo-nazi.   Right?!

charlottesville jeff bridges director 2

Our friend Alice has taken on the daunting task of identifying some of the actors at Charlottesville.   Alice is still lost in the twisted passages of this hoax and we anxiously await word on her progress.  Charlottesville has turned out to be an extremely deep rabbit hole with many secrets to expose so she has sent word that it will probably have to be a three part video.   In the meantime, she has sent Part One by way of the White Rabbit.

So with no further ado….please allow me to introduce you to Jamie Sue Eagle.

jamie sue eagle car crash 5

New video about Charlottesville and Jamie Sue here:  NAZIs in Wa-hooville


Superman Saves the World

Superman Saves the World

Certain animated television series such as the Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy are well known for acting as the vehicles of “predictive programming”.  Predictive programming is a method of mass mind control in which people are conditioned through works of fiction to accept planned future scenarios as real.  Basically they tell us exactly what is going to happen so that we already believe it is real before it happens.  One good example of this is the Simpson’s prediction of President Trump’s victory a full 15 years before it happened.  The scene on the escalator is really a head scratcher.


In this episode of Family guy,  Brian, the dog is hit by a car only a week before Fast and Furious star, Paul Walker is killed in a fatal car crash.  Walker’s character was coincidentally named Brian.

brisn the dog killed.jpg

So maybe we should have noticed when the South Park crew dressed Al Gore in a red cape and sent him out to save the world.  But, we didn’t.

south park al

Maybe we should have noticed that Al Gore looked a whole lot like Superman star, Chirstopher Reeve.  But, we didn’t.

chris reeves al gore match 100

After all, Christopher Reeve had that horrible accident that left him paralyzed…

reeve chris chair

And they don’t look exactly alike…..

al gore profile ear reeve bald chair 500 good

But maybe, just maybe we might have noticed that their wives looked very similar too! But, we didn’t.

dana reeve tipper 500

Dana Reeve and Tipper Gore have different hair.  They can’t possibly be the same person.

dana reeve 2 tipper 500.jpg

dana reeve 9 tipper 500

So…they could be doppelgangers…right?!?  But then, maybe we should have noticed that Alex Reeve, Superman’s  daughter looks exactly like Karenna Gore, Al’s daughter.  We just loved those Gore girls.  But, we didn’t notice a thing.

alex reeve karenna gore

kareena gore 1 alexandra reeve.jpg

And very few of us  noticed when Mrs. Superman died only 2 years after Mr. Superman.  I wonder which island they live on?  Anyway… Alice made a fun little video about them and you can watch it here….  Al Gore and Superman

al gore super man

Philip Seymour Hoffman's Funeral Service



In Hollywood Death Is a Game

In Hollywood Death Is a Game

Many people are not aware of the “dying game” in Hollywood.  Maybe you have heard of the 27 club or maybe you have read conspiracy theories about the deaths of people like Natalie Wood or Marilyn Monroe but, the simple fact of the matter is that many Hollywood deaths are faked.  Some actors have died numerous times only to recreate themselves as someone new after each death.  Why would someone do this?  Money.  Think about it logically;  if one character is worth X amount of money…then two characters are worth 2X amount of money and 5 characters are worth 5X amount of money.   Fame can be a money maker whether you are dead or alive.  The Hollywood death game is part ritual, part prestige and mostly money.  Here are some little known photos of James Dean taken only weeks before his “accident”.



I have spent some time wondering if he may have been the one to play young Donald Trump.  But. unfortunately, I see no practical way to prove this theory.

donald-trump-young james dean match 100

At any rate, whoever played Donald Trump in the early days has long been switched out for the current comedic actor.

donald-trump smile.jpg

Other actors followed in Dean’s footseps and faked their deaths in  fiery car crashes; the most notable being Paul Walker.

walker in porche.jpg

car 1.jpg

Did Paul Walker really die or not?

walker eyes.jpg

Probably not.  I don’t know if Paul has taken on a permanent new character  but, he occasionally pops up in various psy ops around the world.  I believe this might be him in a directional role at the Chicago Trump Rally.

Snapshot 4 paul walker

What many people don’t know is that Paul Walker played the role of Chris Kyle in the American Sniper Hoax.  No, I’m not talking about the movie…I’m talking about the actual American Sniper…Navy Seal guy.

kyle craft.jpg

Yup!  Paul Walker faked his death twice in one year…there must be a special prize for that.  First, he faked his death as Chris Kyle and then he faked his death as Paul Walker.  Sometimes you can catch these guys bragging about their death faking deeds on the web.  This is one of those times.

paul walker 1

So how can I be so sure that Paul Walker was the one that played the fictional sniper character, Chris Kyle?  Well for starters, Paul Walker’s girlfriend, Jasmine, played the part of the American Sniper’s  long suffering wife, Taya Kyle.  That would be Jazzy on the left and Taya on the right.  (I just pasted them on the bench together for fun.)

sisters taya and jasmine.jpg

Taya Kyle and Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell

taya and jasmine 8

Taya and Jazzy

taya and jasmine 6.jpg

taya and jasmine 3.jpg

Anyway, you get the idea….but that isn’t the only coinquidink in this Hoaxathon!  Paul Walker’s own family acted as the witnesses at the trial for Chris Kyle’s killer, Eddie Routh!

Eddie-Ray-Routh-trial 1

That is Eddie with his lawyer, Leon Greenberg.  Check this out! Here is Paul Walker’s mother on the stand in the Eddie Routh trial under an assumed name.


Here is Paul’s dad pretending to be a witness.  It’s wild!

trial 2.1

And here is Cody Walker on the stand in a pretty good disguise.

trial 3.1.png

Hey is that Kathy Bates in the courtroom?
Taya Kyle winks at trial

We have been led to believe that these psy ops are somehow acted out by anonymous “crisis actors” or unknown people.  Well, hold on to your hat!  For those of you who still don’t think that your favorite actors and Hollywood heros could be involved in these shenanigans…take a look at Kevin Bacon playing the American Sniper’s dad….lol.

chris kyles father

kevin bacon as Kyles dad

So there you have it…The All American Sniper exposed….for the complete story of this hoax click here:  American Sniper Hoaxathon Explained

chris-kyle-chris kyle paul walker.png

In Hollywood, he who dies the most times wins!