The Secret Lives of Mrs. Jason Aldean

The Secret Lives of Mrs. Jason Aldean

Many of the actors we see in these government hoaxes are trained at the school of Nickelodeon in Hollywood, California.  Jamie Spears is the quintessential example of this.   Her older sister Britney was turned into a teenage sex idol by the same production machine.  They were both beautiful girls although not natural blondes.

jamie and britbrittney and jamie 2jamie britneybrittney and jamie 1

As you can see the sisters are very similar but easily distinguishable from one another.  Jamie obviously had more talent and bigger vocal chords than her famous older sister.  Not wanting the two girls to compete, Jamie was carefully steered towards Nashville while Britney spent her life as a pop diva.  Both girls have had their share of colorful press:  Britney with her flip out and head shave over losing the custody of her two sons and Jamie with her teenage pregnancy.

shaved brit

Although Jamie was officially pregnant at 16 years of age…I suspect she was younger.


If you have been following this blog, you already know of the involvement of the Spears family in the Trump white house.  Alice has made several videos on that subject.  In this newest video Alice exposes Jamie Spears in four different character roles.   Every one of the characters she plays have been featured on all mainstream media, proving once again that the news is fake.  So, here is yet another to add to the collection.  We found the Spears family at the center of the Las Vegas Shooting Hoax.   The Spears family is a real DHS acting cell whose lavish lifestyle is paid for with public  tax revenues.

Here is an image of Jamie Spears and her husband Jamie Watson to compare with the newlywed Aldeans.

jason aldean and wife jamie and jamiejason aldean and wife jamie and jamie spears 2

All Jamie Watson Spears has to do to become Jason Aldean is pop a few too may chili fries and beers.

jason aldean and wife jamie and jamie spears 3


Here are some images of Jamie in her various characters:  top left is Kaitlin Roig …teacher from Sandy Hook…next is Vanessa Trump…wife to Donald Junior and of course she was also Carrie Underwood at a very young age and now Brittany Kerr Aldean.


The Jason Aldean story line is interesting for different reasons.  We can clearly see the matrix at work here.  Between the morning talk shows that promote the newly created star and repeat ad nauseum the fabricated stories of his life to American Idol which is clearly used to display these fictional characters in living rooms across the world.  In the case of Jason Aldean aka Mr. Jamie Spears we see a classic case of husband and wife switching roles.  As Carrie Underwood, spears was a mega star while her husband stood in the background.  Now Jamie comes back as the tempting femme fatal cheerleader who steals Aldean from his loving wife.  In this way, Aldean comes on the scene as a “bad boy”.  Bad boys traditionally sell more records than “good boys”.  Nothing is by chance.  I found it particularly cheeky that they used images of american Idol winner Kelly Clarkston to portray Jessica Aldean….his estranged wife.  The two little girls are portrayed by Jamie Spears’ daughter Maddie.


It is easy to see that Maddie Spears is being used to portray one of the Trump grandchildren….Kai Trump.

So the Aldean family is just a re working of the Jamie Spears family.  Jamie has been deceiving the public for so long now she really doesn’t know any other way of life.

Princess Diana the Generous

Princess Diana the Generous

Am I the only person that never noticed that Princess Diana wore a wig? I remember women trying to achieve this look with their own hair and copious amounts of asphyxiating aerosols.

diana wig 600 1.jpg

So…by pure chance I noticed the other day that Diana and TV star Ellen Degeneres look an awfully lot alike…or at least they did when they were young.  In fact I actually mistook this photo of Ellen for the Princess.


You can see for yourself that they are very similar.

ellen diana 500

diana ellen 600 2diana ellen 600

It looks to me that at some point the Princess and Ellen broke their nose.  Judging from the photos this would be after she married the Prince.

lady diana 3 ellen 600 2

Since then I believe that Ellen has had some small facial surgeries done to tighten her look as she ages.  Here is a before and after comparison.


Even their childhood photos are similar.

diana ellen child 600

Ellen is now playing a new role:
amy rule ellen 500 match.jpg

Mrs. Rahm Emanuel (Amy Rule)  ….First Lady of Chicago

A short video about this by Alice:

The Paddock Brothers Do Vegas

The Paddock Brothers Do Vegas

The psy op season seems to be upon us and that was never more evident than the recent shooting in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival featuring country music great Jason Aldean.  Has anyone ever heard of Jason Aldean?  I hadn’t, until now, but watching him run off stage without a single word of caution or hope for his besieged audience did not say much for his character.  In fact, I hope he has another career lined up because I think it was some pretty bad PR.  Jason Aldean looks corn fed and a little too cocky; I will probably pass on purchasing his music.

jason aldean

The Harvest Festival is being billed as the biggest mass shooting event in US history. There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the official story in this recent shooting psy op.  Did someone mess up?  Why did they break out the second window?

2 windows.jpg

The mainstream media seems to be scrambling for ways to justify all the anomalies that the diligent and unrelenting  “truther” community keeps throwing out for examination.  These are exciting times to be “awake”.  The all seeing eye reigned down on this event from the great pyramid of Vegas and once again fear porn generates profit for the unseen ones.


I feel like I know the couple in that photo in spite of his fake beard…hmmmmmmmmm.

The name, Route 91 Harvest Festival, is telling us what this is really about.  The Harvest.  Fake victims will reap millions in life insurance policy payouts.  Charities will be set up for the injured and John from Politically Incorrect has this to say:

“…it’s called the ‘high incident project’. they want to make the american public think that places with extremely high security aren’t safe. they are trying to create more regulations. you will see laws proposed within the next few years to put up more metal detectors and other security devices. media and politicians will be saying places with lots of police need even more police. i can’t guarantee anything will happen tomorrow but las vegas is on their minds.”

Once again bringing us back to our Hegelian dialectic model of problem-solution-synthesis.
heglian dialectic

At any rate, one of the biggest mysteries, as usual, is the shooter.  He is conveniently dead of course.  The producers of this genre seemed to have learned from their experience with the Batman shooting that a live shooter who must be tried in front of the public is a big hassle.  And….dead men tell no tales…especially fictional dead men.  Here is the first photo of the shooter that we were presented with….Stephen Paddock.

paddock eyes closed

The name immediately stinks of psy op.  Paddock:  An enclosed area for live stock.  I think we can safely assume this is yet another sick joke from the producers of this circus.

We normally don’t take a lot of time or effort on the identification of dead fictional people but in this case, a friend of ours pointed out that both Paddock brothers look a lot like comedic actor, Chris Elliot.  I’m not sure if Chris is known for any amazing film work, he had small parts in many comedies.  He seemed to gather most of his fame from his appearances on the David Letterman show.

He is an odd fellow with a habit of rolling his eyes and then bugging them out for effect.  It was this behavioral quirk that caught the attention of our colleague.  Eric Paddock, the brother of the Las Vegas shooter, had this same odd habit.

Elliot has always done disguises.  It is what he does.  It should not surprise us that he can easily change his appearance so as to fool us.  It is his job.  He is a professional at playing dress up.  Elliot is older now and we don’t see him much anymore….but he is obviously still busy playing dress up.

Alice has made a really fun video for us this time with quite a few surprises in the second half……

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz of San Juan, PR or How to Create Available Caribbean Real Estate in 3 Easy Steps

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz of San Juan, PR or How to Create Available Caribbean Real Estate in 3 Easy Steps

We have just recently made the acquaintance of the charming mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto.   We loved the way she stood up to the evil President Trump in her casual cap  and T-shirt outfits.  She literally looked like she was going to bat for the people of Puerto Rico and we immediately jumped onto her team.

Donald Trump and the Mayor traded insults, keeping us entertained until the Vegas Rt. 91 Harvest Festival came around and forced us to direct our attention elsewhere.  By the way, did you know that there isn’t even a road called Route 91 in Vegas?  There is a Route 91; however, it begins at New Haven Connecticut and runs north to Canada.  Fun fact.

But, getting back to the situation in Puerto Rico…..  How can there be anything devious about a devastating hurricane and a sweet little Mayor wanting to help her community?  The trick is to look past the obvious butter and jam on the situation and realize this is just one more slice of day old bread for impoverished Puerto Ricans.   Puerto Rico is prime Caribbean real estate;  close to the mainland, it has most likely always been in the plans of the elite for use as an exclusive playground area.   But, what should be done with all those pesky, dark skinned, poor people that already reside there?  I mean so what if it was those same elite that shipped their ancestors there from Africa as slaves in the first place.  Obviously, they must be relocated.  The problem with the plan is that that people living in tropical paradise are slow to relocate to cold unfriendly climates.  They need a little nudge to get them moving..and maybe a cruise ship or two.

cruise ship

Of course no one is paying attention to the fact that Puerto Ricans are being systematically shipped to the mainland right now  because….Vegas…


But, once again I digress.  Gee it is easy to get distracted isn’t it?

So what are the three steps involved in getting a population of people to move from tropical paradise to say, Chicago?  A friendly Jewish mayor with his arms wide open is a nice touch.  I wonder if anyone bothered to ask the residents of Chicago if they are ready for the influx of a few thousand Puerto Ricans just in time for winter?

chicago 1.png

Pro Tip:  How to Create Available Caribbean Real Estate in 3 Easy Steps

  1.  Use your secret weather technology to steer a giant hurricane into the desired area and cause as much havoc as you can muster without destroying valuable infrastructure that you might need later ie. the airport.

    2.  Tell people that had to evacuate that their homes are destroyed and that they must relocate for their own good.  This will mainly affect people with property in close vicinity to the waterfront of course.  Show images on the media that support whatever lies you are telling so that everyone believes the situation is much worse than it really is.



    And, be sure to hire a convincing, compassionate spokesperson to play the part of Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.  It is important that your message be believable and heart wrenching.  Someone like Lorraine Bracco from the Sopranos would be perfect for this role.

    carmen yulin cruz soto lorraine bracco 300 match

    3.  Ask the president of the United States to send some cruise ships to get those poor people off of the island.  And, always show images of blonde, light skinned people as the prototype refugees to the host country.

    florida 1.png

Heads up America!  Here come a few boat loads of Puertorriquenos bound for the promised land.

hurricane mcdonalds.jpg

New video by Alice:

John Candy is Donald Trump

John Candy is Donald Trump

I did not come up with this myself.  In fact, like many of you, when it was first suggested to me I laughed and immediately rejected the thought as ridiculous.  But, as with many odd ideas that beg further investigation…the image of Donald Trump as John Candy refused to leave my mind completely.  So, I decided to take a look at it and guess what?  President Donald John Trump is, in reality, dead Canadian comedic actor, John Candy.  I have not one single doubt about this fact.

Donald Trump John Candy

Let’s face it,  the best disguise… if you are going to pretend to be the president of the United States …is to be dead.  John Candy died alone in Mexico in March of 1994 at the age of 43.  He most likely had some type of weight reduction surgery like a lap band.  The funny fat man was gone.  He  was then reborn as the new Donald Trump.  He is certainly an odd looking fellow now.  He would be 66 years old.  Uncle buck is back in a big way.

many donald trumps

The most obvious evidence that Trump is John Candy  is the fact that Trump has the face and body of a man who has been through rapid weight loss.  His neck flesh is too abundant and hangs loosely under his face.  John Candy was obese for a good part of his life and extra fat filled the area under his chin.  Now that the fat is gone this area hangs limply.

Trump holds a campaign rally in Spokane, Washington

We can see that John Candy had quite a large fat neck.



I cannot assure the authenticity of this next image (or any image for that matter) but, it gives us an idea of what Trump’s body might look like under his suit.  Loose flesh from years of obesity would still be visible until surgically reduced.

donald loose skin close up 1

Younger Trump was never an obese man so when did this sudden weight loss happen and leave loose flesh all over his body and especially his neck?


John Candy wasn’t always fat.  He used to look like a young Jeb Bush in fact.  How curious.


John Candy did not always play Donald Trump.  I believe he stepped into the role sometime in the mid to late 90s.  The original Donald Trump was decidedly better looking and resembled James Dean a little bit.

donald-trump-young james dean match 100

The next evidence that President Trump is being played by John Candy can be found at the inauguration.  Who is the blonde woman standing directly behind and to the right of the new president?

inag snap 2.png

The blonde woman doesn’t appear to be anyone we know in Trump’s immediate family.  Why is she standing so close to the president at the official swearing in if she is not part of his immediate family?

inag candy children jennifer .png

I believe it is Jennifer Candy aka Melanie Hutsell of SNL.

melanie hutsell jennifer candy.jpg


And who is the man beside Jennifer?  It looks a lot  like her brother Christopher Candy.

Jennifer and Christopher Candy:

chirstopher and jennifer candy inag.png

It makes sense that they would be with Dad on his big day.

jennifer and christopher candy

And… where is Mrs. Candy?  She would be the dark haired woman trying not to be noticed on the other side of the pretend president I suppose….her stage name is Megan Mullally.  We all know her as the popular socialite drunk, Karen Walker.

candy family at inauguration.png

Here she is in real life without make up.


-rosemary Candy inaug.png
But, that isn’t all:  Remember back in 2006 when Donald Trump sang the Greenacres theme song on an Emmy awards show hosted by Ellen Degenerate?  Don’t feel bad; I didn’t remember it either.  Take a minute to watch that performance…pay particular attention when Donald trump sings “You are my wife!” .

Donald Trump sings the Greenacres theme song here

Does it bring a tear to your eye?


Mr. and Mrs. John Candy aka Donald Trump and Megan Mullally

Rosemary Candy and Megan Mullally

rosemary candy smile 200.png

So what about Mrs. Candy?  What is her part in this charade?  Is she possibly playing Donald Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump, the federal judge?


Yes, it seems that federal judges are also actors now.

I will leave you now with one final  interesting detail of this twisted scenario.  If Rosemary Candy is also Megan Mullaly, and her husband, the dead Canadian comedic actor, is playing the president, who is the beard?  (Megan’s pretend husband)


Nick Offerman….does he look familiar?  He should.

nick offerman leonardo dicapprionick offerman leonardo 100

If you haven’t seen Alice’s video about all of this..make some popcorn now:

If you want to see more identifications from the Inauguration click here:



Will the Real David Duke Please Sit Down?

Will the Real David Duke Please Sit Down?

I am not sure when I first became aware of the mythical character that is David Duke but, I think it somehow coincided with my awareness of the evils of Zionism. More and more people are starting to catch onto the use of controlled opposition in the creation of public policy.  This method of controlling public opinion is based on that timeless  principle….the Hegelian dialectic.  The Hegelian dialectic is a concept in philosophy in which the  contradiction between a proposition (thesis) and its antithesis is resolved at a higher level of truth (synthesis).  So what  does all this philosophical mumbo jumbo have to do with  the fake news?

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a German philosopher who analysed European thinking.   Hegelian dialectic thinking is now applied in many situations in world politics.  Often,  ordinary people are used as pawns in the game of Hegelian psychology played by those who control the strings of the world’s political puppet show.   The political “left” and “right” are pitted against each other in order to achieve a goal that suits those in hidden positions of world power. This pitting of one side against another is a form of controlled conflict that those behind the scenes use to create a predetermined history.

Without enemies, useful or profitable conflict can not be achieved and this is where David Duke comes in handy.  He is the perfect fictional enemy.  He is charismatic, smart and good looking.  He makes sense when he speaks and he addresses issues that are of concern to middle America and all America for that matter.  So what if he was the “Grand Wizard” of the most hateful organization in the history of the United States, the KKK.

The iconic Duke and his troupe  of radical followers is a necessary element  in the struggle to keep racial tension at a level where minorities and whites cannot possibly achieve synthesis.  With this tension dialed up on high…the puppeteers open up an opportunity where they alone can provide the synthesis and restore the peace…but, that solution will of course be most advantageous  to them.

David Duke had been in storage through most of the past ten years.   If you will notice, we didn’t hear much out of this ghost since he ran for president in 1992.  He was then pulled out of the closet and dusted off for the Trump campaign.  Each time they decide to put Duke back on the world stage he is played by a different actor.  Of course, we never noticed. While researching this video we found another old friend acting as a rival Grand Wizard for the KKK.  I think you may be surprised to find out who it is.

I realized after publishing the video that David duke is actually played by two different actors at Charlottesville.  I had realized this before but since I did not have a guess for the second actor I did not include the observation.  Now I realize that it is likely that studio takes were done with Charleton Hesten…yes…the dead Charleton Heston and location shots were done with Ron Howard.

This is Hesten playing Duke at Charlottesville.  This was accomplished using one of three possible avenues.  1.  Heston is secretly still alive and filmed it in a studio with green screen.  2.  Heston filmed it in a studio before he died.  3.  Hesten had his face digitally mapped before he died and this is a CGI image on another actors body.
hesten at charlottesville duke match 100hesten at charlottesville 2

Here is Ron Howard playing Duke at Charlottesville.

ron howard 21 david duke matchron howard 1 david duke match.png


Here are a just  few of the many Dukes:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Essential Donald Trump

The Essential Donald Trump

I think it is past time that we all come to terms with the fact that Donald Trump is fiction. He is and always has been a fictional person.  Here is the evidence for why we should doubt the authenticity of the Trump the character.

Donald Trump looks like an actor.  He wears wigs and a considerable amount of make up.  Here someone got way to heavy handed with the white concealer around his eyes.

donald trump make up

Even though we have always been shown a slim and healthy Donald Trump, President Trump shows obvious signs of rapid weight lose.

smiling donald trump.jpg

I believe that the “Donald” used to be a much larger man based on the loose skin under his chin, possibly even an obese man.


In addition, the old Donald Trump does not match the new Donald Trump.  These two images are not the same person in my opinion.  Of course it is possible that he had facial surgery…but still????

The next piece of evidence is Trump’s parents.  Mom and Dad Trump are nothing more than bad photoshop work.  There are very few available photos of mother Mary;  there are no photos with her children when they were young.  In this photo the face has been badly  pasted onto the body.

This image of Mary is particularly strange.

mary turmp

Trumps father, Fred, is another collection of spooky cut and paste images.

Most of Fred’s photos have clearly been altered.  A face has been pasted onto whoever was originally in the photo.  You can see where it does not fit with the ear and side of the head.  A sort of make shift ear is created to make it all good.

Here is another example;  it looks like his head was run over with a D 10 bulldozer.

trump wedding mom and dad fred mary closer funky ear closer

Those are just a few of the things that make the authenticity of Donald Trump very questionable.  In September of 2016 CNN aired a documentary titled, The Essential Donald Trump.  In this documentary they tell the fictional story of the fictional character, Donald Trump.  To do this they had actors play the parts of the Donald’s fictional playmates and business associates.  One of Trump’s former associates tells us that Trump does not actually own any of the buildings that carry his name.   Did anyone hear that?  If he doesn’t actually own the properties, how is he a millionaire?  A surprising number of the actors used for this documentary had recently died.  Here are the links to this four part series by Alice.

The Essential Donald: Part One

The Essential Donald: Part Two

The Essential Donald: Part Three

The Essential Donald: Part Four

Here is the link to the original documentary by CNN

CNN Unfinished Business: The Essential Donald Trump